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I write for a wide variety of companies and organizations, specializing in financial services and non-profits.


At your service for financial services

I have extensive financial services experience in developing advisor and client materials for investments and insurance.

Financial topics I write about include investing for retirement, education funding, planned giving, tax strategies and estate planning. On the insurance side, I specialize in life, disability and critical illness insurance for individuals and business owners.

Materials and media include product brochures, advisor guides, sales presentations, website content, newsletters, videos and blog posts.

I find it satisfying to work for organizations that serve the public good. Before freelancing, I worked several years for a registered charity and a national non-profit organization. Also, I’ve been a volunteer for social service agencies for a great many years.

For non-profits, I have experience writing direct marketing letters, website content, newsletters, brochures and annual reports.

By the way, I offer a 25% discount on my regular fee for charitable organizations.


Helping you to help others


I’m experienced in getting up to speed quickly

My writing projects cover a lot of ground. From automobiles, tourism and rock salt to private schools, tennis racquets and steel fabrication.

I put in the time and effort to get a good grasp of your product, service or company before I begin the creative process. And if time’s tight, I’ll ask all the right questions to gather the critical information in short order.

I make sure I understand the problems you solve or opportunities you provide, then I deliver the messages in a clear and compelling way.


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