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I’m the bridge between you and your audience

Yes, my role is to make your message clear and compelling. But I do more than develop content from your perspective. I also imagine myself as your target audience looking to see what’s in it for me. Are you solving a problem of mine? Offering an opportunity? Presenting information that’s meaningful to me?

When I represent both you and your audience, I do more than tell your  story – I create projects that are more effective and inspiring.

A few highlights

My direct marketing letters for a small registered Canadian charity have consistently raised over $1 million annually.

I write website articles and blog posts for three of Canada’s largest wealth management companies – CI Investments, Assante Wealth and IPC Private Wealth.

I was chosen to write product launch brochures by Sun Life Financial, Sentry Investments, Ricoh, Empire Life, Kneissl, Aviso Wealth, IPC Private Wealth and Assante Wealth.

For 10 years I’ve been writing a quarterly financial planning newsletter that’s distributed by over 800 advisors to clients throughout Canada. It covers investments, insurance, tax strategies and estate planning.